Delhi madness

After waking up in Delhi we were faced with our first struggle which involved train bookings. Because we didn’t have a solid plan of where or when we wanted to be we decided to book each leg of the journey as we went along. Little did we know that trains get booked up and you should probably book at least a few days in advance. Add to this the fact our banks and card companies decided to block our transactions plus the website we were using didn’t seem to accept English payments. Hence much of our only full day in Delhi was taken up in the internet cafe in our hotel. Not the start to our adventure we had hoped for.

However once we got outdoors after deciding to postpone the planning until later, and booking trains through the agent at the hotel (not our preferred method as they charge commission) we decided to take a trip to the Red Fort. We managed to jump in a rickshaw but soon realized the driver was a scam artist. We asked him how much to the red fort, he said 150 Rupees (about £2) so we got in. He immediately tried to take us on some kind of tour (and would have got more money out of us) but we insisted straight to the Fort. He then continually pestered us trying to take us to other destinations but as we were running short of daylight time and still had shopping to do, we eventually persuaded him to take us straight there. Once there he said he’d wait for us, no waiting charges and told us to come back to his parking slot in an hour so we did. We then agreed to let him take us to one more place as it’d be nice to see some other sights of Delhi. So he took us to a temple which happened to be just down the road on the way back. We had a look around then headed back to the rickshaw to take us home as we were getting hungry. The driver continually tried to get us to go elsewhere even though we insisted on going straight back home, he wanted us to go to some ‘shops’ presumably his friends owned the shops and the driver would get a commission?! Anyway we just said no, no, no, were hungry please take us home! Eventually he did but the asked us how much we’d pay and we suggested 300Rs because if it was 150 there plus 150 back plus he said no waiting charges we were paying what we agreed. (You should always barter & expect to pay less.) He then got quite aggressive and trie to get us to pay 400 at least even though the meter even said 200… He claimed he’d not had the meter on the whole time but I’m pretty sure it was! We argued a little then gave him the 300 and felt a little unsure as to whether he was genuinely concerned we hadn’t paid enough, or if he was just trying it on… We concluded the latter was truer! After that we ate, went shopping, booked one more train journey, then had a quick beer at ‘club india’ rooftop cafe then headed back to the hotel & spent a good few hours winding down in our room.

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