A day of odd jobs

No lamb marking today so I was assigned various small tasks at home on the farm. First I had to paint some welding on a cradle used for weighing lambs to stop it rusting. I quite like painting so this was a fun little job. Secondly I sprayed weed killer on the garden, which is pictured above. The lawn is covered in patches of clover so I helped to attempt to get rid of it. Lastly I helped with taking samples of merino wool to be sent for testing. We had to feed the rams into a machine to get them onto their backs to trim their feet, horns, vaccinate then take a wool sample. I had to inject them, write the tag number on the bag and put the wool sample in there. This was another nice job, and the sky looked amazing, I wish I brought my camera so as soon as I got back I grabbed it and went out to try to capture the sunrise.

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2 thoughts on “A day of odd jobs

  1. susan stobbart on said:

    H Caroline love this photo. Susan

  2. Thanks, you can have one for your wall 🙂

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